Next steps of our Tour de France and some news!

Hi everyone,

During last three weeks, our project took another direction thanks to a new opportunity. We had to stop our progress to take the time to think about it and organize ourselves. It’s finally time to tell you what’s going on!

Since the beginning, Positive Energy Tour has been evolving through encounters and the latest connected us to the Commission of the Indian Ocean (CIO). The CIO is managing all sorts of projects common to the different islands of the Indian Ocean, including projects about renewable energies. Raising awareness about how renewable energies work and what kind of possibilities they offer is part of their objectives. Those energy sources are poorly developed in those islands still very dependent on fossil fuels, although the potential for solar energy production is strong for example.

In order to contribute to this objective, the CIO asked us a few weeks ago to bring our tandem to the islands of Mauritius, Seychelles, Comores and Madagascar to go into schools, show them how it works, what are the advantages of solar energy… But above that, they asked us to organize this project with them as soon as October (we were mid-September at that time) ! Why so quickly ? Well first because the holidays are coming in the region (November for Mauritius) but mostly because in January starts the cyclones’ period which would prevent us from realizing our tour of the islands with our solar tandem. So we quickly stopped our progress to prepare all that.

This is a real challenge in terms of logistics to bring our tandem to each island, and a challenge we weren’t prepared to address so early. After those past three weeks of intense research and preparation, we better understand how freight transport works and we are well advanced in the administrative procedures.

In the end, two last minute news just challenged our already tight planning : on one side the authorizations to intervene into schools were delayed and will most likely not be validated in time, and on the other side an epidemic of a particularly virulent pulmonary plague was declared in Madagascar, preventing us from going there at the moment… So we decided with the CIO that it would be better to postpone our tour of the Indian Ocean to a few months later, after the cyclones’ period. That will allow us to have some additional time to organize everything without rushing, hoping that in the mid-time the epidemic in Madagascar will stop as soon as possible.

We expect to go there by Mars or April 2018. That way we will have the time to prepare the animations with the professors of each school in more details. That’s a great opportunity for our project to follow our animations in that region where the demand is important.

That’s it, you know everything. Now that the project with the CIO has been better identified and prepared, we will be able to go back to our initial tour of France soon, heading for Normandie. We will depart in a few days, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to meet somewhere, we are still flexible on the itinerary. 🙂

See you soon !


SolaR’hythm Team