Hi everyone !

We launched a crowdfunding page and it is available here:

It aims at helping us to finance the first phase of our project, which accounts for the “Phase 1 – Objective 3000€” that you may have noticed already on our website. Our project has two intertwined objectives: a positive energy tour of the world, and a study on life rhythm and our relation to time. Our crowdfunding then breaks down into 2 phases:

– the first one aims at financing the building of our transport mean, our “Bike camper”. This represents 3000€ for 2 Bike campers and it is a mandatory step to complete our project. The crowdfunding model used for this phase is then an “All-or-Nothing”: each participant will fully get back his or her participation if the objective is not reached.

– the second one will aim at gathering more financial means to complete our study and realize a good visual support. The crowdfunding model of that second phase will then be “Keep-it-all”: reaching or not the objective will not impact the realization of the project but it’s quality.

If the funds gathered in the first phase exceed the objective, the extra amount will be added to the second phase.

Hope this was clear enough. See you soon for more news !
And of course do not hesitate to spread the word around you and send us a mail for any question.

SolaR’hythm team