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Yes, you’re right, our last post on the website was quite some time ago now… We kept you informed through Facebook and the newsletters but it was more than time to write a little article here!

We found some movies dealing with the same subjects we value in this project. Those of you who are close enough of Agen may have had the chance to discover them with the cine-debates we organized. For the others, here is a quick recap that, we hope, will encourage you to watch them!


Tout s’accélère

Synopsis :

Gilles is a former trader who became teacher in the 19th borough of Paris. He wonders with his class about the dizzy acceleration of our world. Fascinated by their reflexions on our lifestyles and our relation to time, he decides to film them and to go meet experts of the subject. Why do our societies keep on wanting more economic growth ? To what need does that acceleration obeys while even those 10 years old children can identify it’s limits?

With their child vision, they offer us a new lecture of our world and time. They wonder about the role of money, about the quest for power, about the seek for thrills and our relation to death pushing us to accelerate. That movie is an educational journey, philosophical and dreamlike, willing to raise awareness and to awaken our senses to allow us to think differently, individually and collectively.


This film adresses the question of our relation to time and our life rythm, which is not that common. It’s way to present the subject is even less usual. A really well led movie, which tackles various different aspects of the subject. The vision of the children alternating with that of the specialists is a real plus for this subject. A movie to watch with other people to be able to discuss after seeing it, topics should not be missing after that. 🙂



POWER TO CHANGE – The Energy Rebellion

Synopsis :

The film shows the conflict over an energy revolution, which began as a grassroots movement and is being advanced through decentralized, regional players. It draws upon the personal stories of people who have taken the responsibility for their energy supply and the protection of their natural livelihood into their own hands. By weaving together people and places it creates an authentic record of our time. With a journalistic-analytical approach, supported by in-depth research, the film shows the daily struggle of activists, entrepreneurs, skeptics and critics in dealing with this energy revolution. It seeks to attract international media attention in order to project their struggle onto to the world stage.

It’s a film that aims to put an end to the doomsday scenarios and the cynical discussions over the feasibility of the energy revolution. It’s entertaining, exciting and fascinating, without succumbing to moralistic preaching. But it is irreconcilable where reconciliation is not possible.


A film from the director of “THE 4th REVOLUTION – Energy autonomy”, Carl A. Fechner, who had already come to attention in 2010.This documentary movie is first aimed at a german public as it’s goal is to revive the movement and the actions in favor of the energetic transistion in Germany, which faces polemics around the coal plants that were restarted. This film has the merit to put forward individual actors having an impact localy, to emphasize what each of us can do at his or her level and to be a source of inspiration for each citizen of the world. Once again, do not hesitate to see this movie with other people or to benefit from a cine-debate organized nearby!


Next cine-debate :

POWER TO CHANGE – The Energy Rebellion the 6th of April, 20h30 in Villeneuve/Lot (47) with the participation of the Espace Info Energie.


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